Alchemy Studios: Course Customization, Translation, Development

An excellent experience overall — from customer support, to project management and project execution. 

— Chuck Metz, EHS Program Lead, Chick-fil-A Supply

Alchemy Studios – the same team that creates all of Alchemy’s courseware –  is now available to assist Intertek Alchemy clients with any course customization needs. No matter how big or how small your project is, Alchemy Studios is at your service!

Here is a list of common Alchemy Studios service offerings utilized by clients:

Language translation for courses — with or without voiceover
Convert your existing PowerPoints into Alchemy Creator courses
Re-create existing manuals/policies and turn them into Alchemy Creator courses
Enhance or update client’s existing Creator courses
Create company-branded Creator templates to use when creating future courses
Custom video development
Custom course development from scratch — check out this demo reel of Alchemy Studios' work

I’m Ready to Customize

Save Time & Power Through Your Wishlist

While Alchemy Creator already gives you the power to do course customizations, we get it! You’re busy and don’t always have the bandwidth. Alchemy Studios is at your service. 

In addition to freeing up your to-do list, you gain all the benefits Alchemy Studios brings, including:

  • 20-person team of professionals in graphic design, instructional design, illustration, video production, video editing, SCORM development, and more

  • Access to a huge library of industry-specific photos and videos
  • Access to professional voiceover artists and actors
  • Database of industry-specific translations for efficiency and economy

Save yourself time and get started with the team today! Contact your account manager or fill out the form on this page.  

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